Elegance-C. Mouftoglou S.A. designs and offers its top services to both intermediaries and end consumers.


Selects the leading brands in the industry, constantly researching and anticipating the trends of the sensual lingerie market internationally, provides a high level of service to all its customers.


Personal contact, immediate customer service, excellent product quality is more than "philosophy" for Elegance.


It is a stable mode of operation. And this has made it one of the largest Greek companies in the import and sale of luxury women's underwear.


All this, of course, could not be achieved without the necessarily sharp aesthetic criteria of the company team.


Underwear definitely represents a lot more than just clothes. It is identified with the skin.


It is more synonymous with the senses than any other piece of our wardrobe.


It is a material of fantasies and a tool for the realization of these fantasies.


A look at the creations of the great designers reveals the role play in which the inexhaustible imagination of both themselves and the woman they have in mind is engaged.


Elegance, always keeping in mind the feminine creativity and the need of every woman to reveal her unique identity through the constant change, can always suggest the sensual material that will trigger her unique fantasies.

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