Payment Methods

Payment methods

  1. By Credit / Debit Card:


In this process, has no participation and the sensitive data of your credit / debit card are not stored in its system.


In case the buyer who makes the transaction is not the same person as the owner of the Credit Card, does not bear any responsibility and has no obligation to return money.


Every purchase from the website of is made at the option of the buyer with the possibility of payment and with VISA and MASTERCARD credit cards.


Transactions are made electronically securely, in real time, between the Buyer and the cardholder with Eurobank, which handles the transaction on behalf of


  1. With Paypal:

PayPal lets you pay directly and automatically encrypts your confidential data using the best technologies on the market.


  1. Cash on delivery (only within Greece):

You can pay for the courier server by delivering the products to your place. For COD shipments the charge is 5 euros with delivery within 2-4 working days. FREE shipping on purchases over 50 euros


  1. By deposit in a Bank account:

If you choose bank deposit, contact us by e-mail to book the products you ordered.


Fax: 2310 888188


EUROBANK: GR49 0260 2030 0008 60201177862


PIRAEUS BANK: GR84 0172 2270 0052 2708 2729 308


ALPHA BANK: GR48 0140 7100 7100 02320001205


NATIONAL BANK: GR54 0110 2170 0000 2174 7501 019


In the Bank's Deposit Form you will write the Name and the number of the order and you will have to send us the copy.

In cases where the deposit is not made within two days from the day the order is placed, then the order is automatically canceled by the system.

The cost of the bank supply is borne by the Customer.

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